About Us


The Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd is a government of the Ghana agency under the auspices of Ministry of Trade and Industry, and responsible for the organization of fairs, both local and international.The company manages the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, Ghana’s premier and only International Expo Centre owned by the government of Ghana.

The company also organizes sales bazaars and other specialized fair. They also rent facilities notably exhibition and seminars halls and equipment to other event organizers.

Exhibitions organized by the Ghana Trade Fair Company enjoy high patronage from foreign exhibitors, and their local counterparts. The company is managed by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr.Agnes Adu, a dedicated staff, and a nine member advisory board.


The Trade Fair land was acquired by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by an Executive Instrument in 1960. Construction of the Centre commenced in 1962 for the first international fair proposed for February 1966 but was postponed to February 1967.

The Centre was set up as part of the Government’s massive industrialization programs after independence with the hope that the Centre would materially help to expand firstly, inter-African trade and secondly, the rest of the world.

 These were the underlying conditions, which led to the establishment of the Ghana International Trade Fair series.

These were the underlying conditions, which led to the establishment of the Ghana International Trade Fair series.The first International Trade Fair started modestly on February 1-19, 1967 under the Chairmanship of Air – Vice Marshal M. A. Otu the then Trade Fair Committee Chairman.

The objective of the First International Fair was to enable Ghana and other African countries display products, which would affirm the encouraging achievements of the developing nations of Africa. Seventeen (17) foreign countries participated and seven (7) African nations attended in 1967.

The Trade Fair secretariat was later set up under the Ministry of Trade in 1965. In 1989 it became the Ghana Trade Fair Authority under PNDC Law 215 and was later converted into a Limited Liability Company in 1997 as the Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd. with the government as the sole shareholder.