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Mission and Visions


To become the preferred International Trade Fair Center in the sub-region and to promote beneficial trade between Ghana and her global trading partners.


To promote business exposure by creating match – making opportunities for Ghanaian businesses and their counterparts abroad.

To organize world class fairs and exhibitions.

To be the prime institution for business trade facilitation in Ghana.

Our History

  • The Trade Fair land was acquired by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by legislative instrument in 1960. The Centre was set up as part of the Government's massive industrialization campaign after independence. It served as the primary trade hub for inter-African trade and also served as a conduit to the rest of the world. These were the underlying conditions, which led to the establishment of the Ghana International Trade Fair series.

  • The first International Trade Fair commenced under the Chairmanship of Air- vice Marshal M. A. Otu, the then Trade Fair Committee Chairman. The objective of the First International Fair was to promote inter Africa trade and attract foreign international investors. Seventeen (17) foreign countries participated and seven (7) African nations attended in 1967.

  • The Trade Fair secretariat was later set up under the Ministry of Trade in 1965. In 1989 it became the Ghana Trade Fair Authority under PNDC Law 215. The center consequently was given a Limited Liability status in 1997 as the Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd. with the government as the sole shareholder.


  • Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited has evolved through various stages from a department under the ministry of Trade during its inception through an authority in 1989 when by PNDCL215 it was established as a state owned enterprise (the Ghana Trade Authority) to operate as a commercial concern. In 1997 and accordance with the statutory corporations (Conversion to Companies Act) 1993 Act 461, the authority was converted into a Limited Liability Company renamed the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited with the government of Ghana as the sole shareholder.

  • The viability of the Company was based on the Task Force Report which recommended a capitalization of the then 919.5 million cedis and a dollar component of 86.3 million in 1989. In addition, revenue inflows from the African Lake Area as an amusement and entertainment center was to play a critical role in determining the commercial validity of the Company. The lease to the Africa Lake was not abrogated and the African Lake Amusement Complex did not take off as envisaged.

  • The required capitalization to renovate and refurbish the pavilions, the electrical and plumbing infrastructure however was not provided. Only 280million old cedis was provided. Part of which was used for contraction of the pavilions. The Company was therefore incorporated without the necessary capital injection. It inherited old and dilapidated structure, facilities, infrastructure and financial liabilities. The Company had to operate with its internally generated funds not only for rehabilitation but to meet its recurrent administrative and statutory obligations.

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24th Ghana International Trade Fair 2020